10 Challenges for ORICs to Develop Industry Linkages

The Technology Transfers Offices (TTOs) in the universities are the new phenomena led by Higher Education Commission – HEC Pakistan. The TTO is called “Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization – ORIC” here in Pakistan. The ORICs try to bring industry closer to researchers with the hope that research will gain its relevance and acceptance in the society and industry. The environment of the technology support office and the infrastructure contributes greatly to the innovative researches produced by academia. Empowering academic scientists with the possible technology management support makes them able to produce a commercially feasible innovation (Rahim, Mohamed, & Amrin, 2015). We have outlined 10 pertinent challenges in academia – industry linkages. These points are extracted from technology transfer experience of last seven years.

  1. Understanding

How much faculty understands the technology needs, application and the environment supposed to absorb and consume the technology is the basic challenge. The scientists grown up in academic environment have weaker understanding about industrial context and unable to deliver Read more…….

Building Trust to Exercise Triple Helix in Higher Education

Triple Helix concepts advocates for knowledge economy co-developed by academia, industry and public sector. The trust factor plays a role of catalyst in the relationship of three. The literature also terms it as confidence building measures. In developing world like Pakistan, the absence of trust factor negatively impact the spillover effects of higher education. Some earlier failures also add fuel to this trust deficit.

  1. Higher Education of Pakistan

Higher education of Pakistan has grown exponentially during last one decade. Higher education commission played an instrumental role in setting up new universities, labs, training PhDs and good quality of paper publication. Pakistan is competing with BRICS countries now in the citation of research papers.

The next challenge of higher education of Pakistan is to be responsive to local needs and relevant. The academia has to ensure its spillover effect by contributing largely to social and economic development. The academia has to respond to challenges of relevancy of curriculum, need based research and transfer of technology for economic Read more……..