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By   February 1, 2016

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February 11, 2016 | HD Video Conferencing

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Sir/Madam, Salaam,

Innovation generally means improving or replacing old tools or methods with the new. It could be a new product or a service, or simply a new solution to an existing or anticipated problem. True innovation makes things easy, it creates new jobs and capital. It saves time and money. It creates excitement. Innovation is also about looking for unheard and unspoken needs of the customers. Innovation could be entirely new way of doing things or a significant improvement to an old practice. Like efficiency, innovation does not have a beginning or an end – it’s a constant effort to bring a positive but a significant change. As the pace of change in the marketplace increases, innovation is required at a faster pace in the organization.

The session will explain qualities of innovators, diversity of street and book smart people in the industry and academia, global corporations that constantly innovate through various channels, and what it means to innovate in frontier market of Pakistan.


  • MPhil/PhD Scholars
  • Faculty members and researchers of universities
  • Scientific officers of universities
  • R&D managers and planners
  • Research officers of NGOs and social sector organizations
  • Consultants and policy analysts


  • History & Process of Innovation
  • Tools & Techniques Based innovation
  • Innovation Centers/Clusters


Abid Malik has over 24 years of sales, marketing, finance, and business development experience. Most recently he co-founded Indus Venture that mentors and helps Innovative start-ups funded in early and revenue stages. He serves as Foundation Council member at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship where he mentors startups in Team Building, Product & Services Development, Marketing and Finance readiness. During 1995 he co-founded Nexlogic where he served as CFO and member of the board for 10 years. Nexlogic provides prototype design, fabrication, assembly, and testing of printed circuit boards with 72 employees and over $17 million in annual revenues.

At the age of 21, he was running a small paint manufacturing facility and discovered poster color formula that rivaled German’s Pelican brand. His desire for higher education brought him to California in 1982 where he completed his bachelor in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Having passion for entrepreneurship and technology, he started his first venture in California and successfully ran or managed three additional start-ups since 1990. 

He is member of the Intl. board of Minaret Business Organization (MBO) that has chapters in USA and Asia. He is an independent trustee (emeritus) at a socially responsible Amana Mutual Funds (AMANX, AMAGX, AMDX) that manages over $3.5 billions in assets. Abid also serves as member of the board for Strategic Research Circle, a non-profit that does research in the area of private enterprise and social responsibility. During 2013, he was named “Process Tycoon” during a business conference at University of Central Missouri.


  • Date: February 11, 2016
  • Timing: 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM (GMT+5)
  • Venue: Webinar with HD Video Conferencing
  • Certificate Fee: Pakistan 500 | International US$ 20