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Patent Filing

By   February 3, 2016

Patent Filing

You have a breakthrough Research – You must file a patent

irp-rregistrationLot of scientists in the universities and R&D personals in industries make substantial development in scientific trails. But they mostly do not file a patent


  • Academic hesitate for patent filing due to interest in publications.
  • Industry people do not go for patent due to confidentially

Both are the myths and not the fact

The workshop is offered online and designed to guide you on why you should file the patent and how to file a patent in Pakistan:

  • Introduction to patent
  • Significance of patent for academia scientists
  • Significance of patent for industry scientists

By Mr. Zahoor Ahmed, Patent Examiner, IPO Pakistan
Patent filing procedures for academia – Publication and patenting
Patent filing procedures for industry – confidentiality and patenting
Dr. Zafar Mehmmod, Associate Professor, FCCU University, Lahore
Patenting in the eyes of patent examiner – issues, errors and revision
Q&A about patenting
By Mr. Zahoor Ahmed, Patent Examiner, IPO Pakistan