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The Importance of Innovation Network

By   July 28, 2015

What is major source of learning is the question of 21st century raised by thinkers and writers of knowledge management. You may hear various logics based on the respondent field. The young people will convince you that social media is great source of learning. The senior people will question its validity and bring arguments for books and published forms of knowledge. But one response is agreed by most of the experts that

Knowledge Lies in the Networking

Especially this holds true with the domain of innovation learning. The literature speaks about promotion of innovation gives most of the credit to networking. The societies that believes in networking and capable of performing most the life events in collaboration with each others are higher in ranking of innovation. Contrarily, the countries where sense of collaboration and networking is week are at the lower side of innovation curve.

Knowledge creation has been a job of isolated thinkers and professors of silent labs. But now the knowledge created in isolation is termed as irrelevant. But transfer of knowledge into some useful products and services for society is absolutely a collaborative phenomenon. The networking between knowledge creator and knowledge exploiter is utmost essential to make R&D investment paying off.
Why innovation output of South Asia region and countries like Pakistan is very less can be gauged from one simple question as:

Do academic polices encourage and reward research based networking?

Rahmat Ullah
General Secretary
South Asia (Chapter) Triple Helix Association